Excerpts from a recent Interview of our Head of Sales Mr. Ashish Jain

Interviewer- What do you think sets Manohar Filaments Apart from other suppliers in the Market?

Mr. Ashish Jain- Well, that’s quite simple, Manohar Filaments, from its inception 35 plus years ago, has pursued excellence in quality and diversity in product offering. We pride ourselves in being a manufacturer of all possible trims except metallic and leather items, we produce Woven & Printed Labels, Hang Tags & Packaging, Heat Seal & Heat Transfers, Narrow Fabric Tapes, Draw Chords & Elastics, Silicon & Embroidery Patches, and have recently added RFID service bureau amongst other products. What sets us apart from the rest is that rather than considering a type of product our core competence, we have transformed our capability to develop and perfect production of diverse products as our core competence, this in our industry is a maverick approach, where most players stick to a handful of products, whereas Manohar Filaments dares to go where others wont and bring new products to market, allowing for brands and buyers to have options beyond Chinese manufacturers for their complicated and complex trim requirement.   

Interviewer- What have been the adverse effects of the Pandemic and how has Manohar Filaments dealt with it?

Mr. Ashish Jain- The pandemic has been a major challenge for the global apparel retail and fashion industry, its impact will last for years, that said, we remain optimistic and take the pandemic as a bringer of much needed change in our operational structure and strategy. The pandemic as it started to worsen, made us realise the importance of maintaining seamless customer service and the value of having an efficient well equipped tea, which can serve the needs of our partners virtually and in real time without any disruptions. We were also forced by the pandemic to expedite digitization of our customer experience and our IT team came up with an amazing extension of our M-Digital platform, which basically automates the sample submission and approval process and reduces the TAT for the same by two thirds and cost of the whole activity by 60% at least, which in turn has a positive impact on the environment, with less waste in sample creation and less fuel consumed in multiple iterations of submissions and approvals. Our business due to the amazing efforts of our teams in India and across the world, is getting back to 2019 levels and we hope to end the financial year at a better position than in 2019, which is one thing not many players in the market can boast of. So, as far as adverse effects go, I see none, except for the human cost the world had to suffer, for us, the pandemic has been a major push to become more efficient, more resilient and more digital.

Interviewer- What are your views on sustainability and how important do you think having sustainable product offerings is?

Mr. Ashish Jain- See, I don’t view sustainability or being more sustainable as an imposition, rather, I view this as a natural and organic extension of business practices. We owe it to our planet to become more sustainable, so that our environment and resources remain viable for future generations. At Manohar Filaments, sustainability is a part of how we think and create products, we have our own fully sustainable product range, by the name of Ecolutionary, which is focused offering products made either from fully recycled raw materials or from 100% natural and sustainable materials, our R&D team is dedicated to create sustainable products and that too at cost parity with existing non-sustainable products and  at no compromise with aesthetics which the product must convey.

Interviewer- How does Manohar Filaments go forward from a business perspective?

Mr. Ashish Jain-  We go from strength to strength, we have always been regarded as the biggest manufacturer of Trim and Packaging products in India, serving hundreds of global and domestic brands, meeting and often exceeding their expectations from all aspects, be it price, quality or service. In future, we plan to build upon the base our leaders have set and promote our services to usher in the Industry 4.0 level transformations in our industry segment, making services more digital, faster to access, cheaper to avail and more sustainable. We aim to lead the market in offering state-of-the-art customized digital solutions to our brands and partners, with keen focus on sustainability of our supply and overall circularity of their value chains.

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Excerpts from a recent Interview of our Head of Sales Mr. Ashish Jain

Interviewer- What do you think sets Manohar Filaments Apart from...

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