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Manohar Filaments' commitment to sustainability is absolute & includes, our products, our process and our community.Today, we visit a topic which contributes to both our process and our community.

Manohar Filaments has vowed to incorporate Rainwater Harvesting in all manufacturing units, across the world. This not only reduces the load on official water supply, but the water saved would also be treated an re-used in a circular manner, thereby by effectively reducing our water consumption, steadily over the years.

400,000 liters of water saved per plant, per season, is our goal till 2025!!

Below excerpt from our Sustainability Charter.

"Process- Manohar Filaments recognizes that the responsibility towards a truly sustainable future begins at the products being manufactured and that there is a large scope to make internal processes and practices more sustainable in nature. Changes already made or in the process of execution in next 5 years’ timeline are listed below. d) Rain water harvesting- 40K Litres per season is harvested, the plan is to increase the same and align all units to ensure that 400K litres of water is saved in all units by the year 2025."

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