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Today we will talk about Cotton, Manohar Filaments looks at Cotton as a great option to replace non-recycled polyester.

Cotton besides being bio-degradable is natural and 100% organic cotton is free from harmful chemicals.

Combined with water based & eco-friendly inks, Cotton Substrates, helps create a highly sustainable alternative for conventional & new branding solutions.

Manohar Filaments, has joined the BCI initiative as a member to source cotton and help farmers practice sustainable farming techniques. More information on BCI can be found on this website-

We believe it is our duty to promote ethically sourced cotton for our products, which is generated through sustainable practices in farming.

Do get in touch with us to see options we offer in BCI based and Organic Cotton labels and accessories!!

"Excerpt- Sustainability Charter.

Society- While being sustainable in internal process and product’s manufactured are extremely important, building a community which is sustainable both within and without the organization are of great importance to Manohar Filaments. a) Farmer Welfare- Manohar Filaments is a member of BCI initiative, which is working continually towards the upliftment of farmers."

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