Sustainability!! Paper or Plastic, the choice is yours!!

Today we will focus on sustainable products, especially Paper products and what impact brands and buyers can potentially make switching to recycled or FSC® paper (FSC-103974) (ask about our FSC® - certified products) and how supply chain partners like us can help our partners create a more positive impact on the environment, replacing/eliminating single use or multiple use plastics with paper options.

Below is an excerpt from , which allows us to gauge the segmentation of raw material within the packaging industry.

"Board and paperboard (corrugated, folding carton stock and liquid paperboard) is the largest packaging material type covered in the Smithers study. It accounted for 35.7% of world packaging consumption in 2016, followed by flexible packaging (plastic, paper and foil) with 23.3%, rigid plastic packaging with 18.2% and metal with 12.2%."

The above portrays the massive potential available to reduce plastic from the packaging material and replace it with sustainable paper options, either FSC® certified or recycled (post-consumer waste) Paper. Any addition of recycled or responsibly sourced paper, which replaces a previously plastic item, has a direct and measurable positive impact on the environment, more on that below.

Another excerpt from below, this small example speaks volumes about the impact you can create, just by making a responsible switch.

"Benefits of Recycled Paper

Compared to copy paper made from 100% virgin

forest fiber, a copy paper made from 100% recycled

content reduces:

• total energy consumption by 44%

• net greenhouse gas emissions by 38%

• particulate emissions by 41%

• wastewater by 50%

• solid waste by 49%

• wood use by 100%"

Clearly, paper, and that too recycled paper is the way to go if you want to establish a truly circular and sustainability focused packaging supply chain. Also, important is to understand that the paper being converted to required packaging and trims product is recyclable and does not have plastic components.

At Manohar Filaments, we are committed to bring this change through innovation which is aimed at eradicating single use plastics, through application of fully recyclable paper based solutions.

A small excerpt from our sustainability charter below.

a) Products- Manohar Filaments manufactures various products and has pledged to use as much as possible material which is sustainable in nature. Textile and Paper products are the two areas of intense improvement, where the goal is to be 70% sustainable by 2025, based on global apparel trends.

b) Paper- Use of FSC®, Non- FSC®- Recycled paper is being increased and promoted with all partners. Declaration for recycled material can be made available to ensure the paper is recycled specifically with post-consumer waste. "

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