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Let's adopt a 'Pond'.

Today we circle back to the commitment Manohar Filaments as a company has made towards betterment of the society.

Our CSR initiatives are aimed at holistic and long term impact on the communities we are a part of.

Water conservation is one such area, globally, access to potable water and preservation of ground water are seen as major challenges, the image shared with the post displays the daily plight of people to access clean drinking water!

We, are trying to do our bit to contribute towards the water conservation drive, first in India and then across our plants globally.

Excerpt from our sustainability charter.

" Society- While being sustainable in internal process and product’s manufactured are extremely important, building a community which is sustainable both within and without the organization are of great importance to Manohar Filaments.

b) Potable water for Ladsauli Village- Manohar Filaments has adopted a pond for filtration and conservation, by 2025, the goal is to keep it potable for use by villagers. Two rain water harvesting pits are also to be installed at the pond site to save 50 K litres minimum, year on year, thereby by positively impacting the ground water levels."

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