Personal Protective Equipment

Manohar Filaments proudly launches its own range of Personal Protective Equipment.

Manufactured in-house, fully certified products for personal safety. In this new age of social distancing, we have diversified our product range to provide best-in-class PPE products for our customers.

We are ready to entertain bulk orders and fully prepared to meet large quantities, with assured quality and requisite certifications!

Please get in touch for more details!

No Touch Attendance

Manohar Filaments has launched an RFID technology based attendance system in India, which allows staff and workers to simply pass through and record their attendance without having to physically touch the biometric scanner!!

This practice is to be replicated across other manufacturing locations within the group as manufacturing resumes to normal gradually!!

As responsible corporate citizens, we believe it is important that we use the very technology we implement for our partners within our own operations to further the social distancing practices and ensure our staff and workers remain safe, while being able to record their attendance in a hassle free manner!!

Kudos to our RFID, HR and IT team for making this project a success!!

To learn more about how Manohar Filaments can help you with RFID technology please do get in touch!! Stay safe!!


Leadership as I have learnt is about two things, amongst others!!

One- Be an ardent listener and understand what is being discussed, planned and debated and remain present right until the conversation needs you! Then based on your assessment choose the most plausible option and sell it first to yourself internally and then to the room you are in!! Victory and defeat is first in the mind always and then on the field!!

Two- A leader never gives up, not on ideas, not on people and certainly not on impending failure, because all a failure will do is create learning, but, it’s the perseverance that will motivate the team and lead to the elusive victory!!

After a long time!!