Sustainable range, Ecolutionary!!

In our constant endeavour to bring new and unique branding solutions to the foray, our exciting new range of core labels offers 100% sustainable labels.

We ensure our products are made from raw material which is ethically sourced, has completely transparent and fully visible chain of custody and is either fully organic or fully recyclable.

We are trying to incorporate and encourage use of Organic dye-stuff and eco-friendly inks to ensure our labels while being aesthetically at par with current fashion trends, have the lowest possible environmental impact.

Get in touch with us to review our sustainable range, Ecolutionary!!

Labels available with GRS, GOTS and OEKOTEX certifications.

Sustainability Manohar Filaments Higg Index


Manohar Filaments is fully committed to sustainability, in doing so we are active participants in the Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s initiative of implementing the Higg Index across our facilities in India, Bangaldesh and upcoming facility in Vietnam.

We are already in second phase of assessment in India and Bangladesh, and are working hard towards making our products and operations more sustainable and reducing our impact on environment through systematic and sustained efforts!!

More information about the Higg Index and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition can be found on the below link!!

Let’s COLLABORATE to make the world a better place for future generations to enjoy!!

Sustainability – Think Sustainable

Every small step matters when it comes to being more sustainable and promoting a sustainability driven culture within the organisation!!

Was so pleased to see coasters being used by our creative team, I just had to share it.

They have given up the use of plastic coasters and are using these cork paper based, recycled and reusable coasters instead.

I have just requested them to float these across the organisation!!


Sustainability Manohar Filaments water harvesting


Manohar Filaments’ commitment to sustainability is absolute & includes, our products, our process and our community.Today, we visit a topic which contributes to both our process and our community.

Manohar Filaments has vowed to incorporate Rainwater Harvesting in all manufacturing units, across the world. This not only reduces the load on official water supply, but the water saved would also be treated an re-used in a circular manner, thereby by effectively reducing our water consumption, steadily over the years.

400,000 liters of water saved per plant, per season, is our goal till 2025!!

Below excerpt from our Sustainability Charter.

“Process- Manohar Filaments recognizes that the responsibility towards a truly sustainable future begins at the products being manufactured and that there is a large scope to make internal processes and practices more sustainable in nature. Changes already made or in the process of execution in next 5 years’ timeline are listed below. d) Rain water harvesting- 40K Litres per season is harvested, the plan is to increase the same and align all units to ensure that 400K litres of water is saved in all units by the year 2025.”

Sustainability Manohar Filaments Environment


Sometimes, even the most simple gestures create a lasting, tangible and sustainable impact on the environment and community.

Our HR team and young enthusiastic team members took a pledge last World Environment Day to plant 500 plants every year, in and around our production units and to repeat this activity every year since.

Their enthusiasm and commitment compelled us (management) to take notice and get this pledge included in our company’s sustainability charter. Today, we commemorate this outstanding commitment to proliferation of sustainability, through simple efforts and team-work.

Excerpt from our charter below,.

“Society- While being sustainable in internal process and product’s manufactured are extremely important, building a community which is sustainable both within and without the organization are of great importance to Manohar Filaments.

d) Plantation- 500 trees planted annually in premises on World Environment Day.”

Sustainability Organic cotton


Today we will talk about Cotton, Manohar Filaments looks at Cotton as a great option to replace non-recycled polyester.

Cotton besides being bio-degradable is natural and 100% organic cotton is free from harmful chemicals.

Combined with water based & eco-friendly inks, Cotton Substrates, helps create a highly sustainable alternative for conventional & new branding solutions.

Manohar Filaments, has joined the BCI initiative as a member to source cotton and help farmers practice sustainable farming techniques. More information on BCI can be found on this website-

We believe it is our duty to promote ethically sourced cotton for our products, which is generated through sustainable practices in farming.

Do get in touch with us to see options we offer in BCI based and Organic Cotton labels and accessories!!

“Excerpt- Sustainability Charter.

Society- While being sustainable in internal process and product’s manufactured are extremely important, building a community which is sustainable both within and without the organization are of great importance to Manohar Filaments. a) Farmer Welfare- Manohar Filaments is a member of BCI initiative, which is working continually towards the upliftment of farmers.”

Manohar Filaments Ecolutionary sustainability


Let’s start an Eco-Revolution, become an Ecolutionary!!

Manohar Filaments, proudly launches it’s new sustainability label, Manohar-Ecolutioanry.

This brand will feature all of Manohar Filaments sustainable offerings, which encompass a wide range of products, which will carry only items which are either made from recycled or recyclable raw materials.

Products and designs offered here would be highly innovative and the sole intellectual property of Manohar Filaments.

Our main focus for offerings under this label, would be to provide alternate for plastic and petrochemical based products, which are both cost-effective and provide similar or better utility than existing products/trims being used.

Please feel free to get in touch with us to know more about this, ECOLUTION!!

Sustainability!! Paper or Plastic, the choice is yours!!

Today we will focus on sustainable products, especially Paper products and what impact brands and buyers can potentially make switching to recycled or FSC® paper (FSC-103974) (ask about our FSC® – certified products) and how supply chain partners like us can help our partners create a more positive impact on the environment, replacing/eliminating single use or multiple use plastics with paper options.

Below is an excerpt from , which allows us to gauge the segmentation of raw material within the packaging industry.

“Board and paperboard (corrugated, folding carton stock and liquid paperboard) is the largest packaging material type covered in the Smithers study. It accounted for 35.7% of world packaging consumption in 2016, followed by flexible packaging (plastic, paper and foil) with 23.3%, rigid plastic packaging with 18.2% and metal with 12.2%.”

The above portrays the massive potential available to reduce plastic from the packaging material and replace it with sustainable paper options, either FSC® certified or recycled (post-consumer waste) Paper. Any addition of recycled or responsibly sourced paper, which replaces a previously plastic item, has a direct and measurable positive impact on the environment, more on that below.

Another excerpt from below, this small example speaks volumes about the impact you can create, just by making a responsible switch.

“Benefits of Recycled Paper

Compared to copy paper made from 100% virgin

forest fiber, a copy paper made from 100% recycled

content reduces:

• total energy consumption by 44%

• net greenhouse gas emissions by 38%

• particulate emissions by 41%

• wastewater by 50%

• solid waste by 49%

• wood use by 100%”

Clearly, paper, and that too recycled paper is the way to go if you want to establish a truly circular and sustainability focused packaging supply chain. Also, important is to understand that the paper being converted to required packaging and trims product is recyclable and does not have plastic components.

At Manohar Filaments, we are committed to bring this change through innovation which is aimed at eradicating single use plastics, through application of fully recyclable paper based solutions.

A small excerpt from our sustainability charter below.

a) Products- Manohar Filaments manufactures various products and has pledged to use as much as possible material which is sustainable in nature. Textile and Paper products are the two areas of intense improvement, where the goal is to be 70% sustainable by 2025, based on global apparel trends.

b) Paper- Use of FSC®, Non- FSC®– Recycled paper is being increased and promoted with all partners. Declaration for recycled material can be made available to ensure the paper is recycled specifically with post-consumer waste. “